Ava is a very wonderful bunny approximately 4yrs old. She is very calm and can be held.
"Soft Bunny, Lovable Bunny, Little Ball of Fur" CeeCee is so soft and just a snuggle bunny, very relaxed but likes to have fun with her blankie.
Caramel is a lionhead mixture and can be bossy. He is shy around new people but is very wonderful when he warms up to you.
This girl is a fabulous bunny! Adorable, calm, fun, all that and a bag of hay!
This is a very loving girl who can be held and LOVES playing peek a boo with her blankets! If you are looking for a fun silly bun, this "GEM" is for you!
Turquoise can be a bossy bun, sometimes ready for a cuddle but mostly wanting to do his own thing, go his own way, nice thing he is so pretty! He is very active and likes to cause mischief If he can get his head caught in something, he will! Looking for a true prat fall genius, Turquoise is your bun! .
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